Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two years plus

It's been more than two years since I visited my precious blog and write something in it. More than two years of being away with blogging and seriously I miss it badly. I've been active in social sites like facebook and instagram that I forgot to update my blog. So what had happened to me after May 2013 (date when I last posted something in this blog..)

June - December 2013
I've been busy attending our review classes in preparation to our Nursing Licensure Examination for December 2013. We had our 3 months review in our school and almost a month in house at Villa Blanca Hotel. We had a lot of test drills, sleepless nights, pressured moments, anxiety filled our hotel rooms and every night prayer session as a group. Indeed, our hardships together with our parents had been tested because of the preparation. It was December when we finally had our two day board examination.

February 2014
After two months of agony in waiting for the result of our board exams I was able to see my name crystal clear on the internet, I was able to pass the NLE with our school as Top 1 Nationwide. Then, the rest was history. We had our thanksgiving mass in school, had our motorcade around the town and the historical oath taking was held in our school as a privileged for making it at the top.

March- June 2014
After passing the board and being a Registered Nurse..It was also a dream for me to become a Doctor, so I took the National Medical Assessment Test in Manila - UST even though I'm not physically, emotionally, physically, spiritually prepared I took the risk to take the exams..Unfortunately, there are some things that aren't meant to be in time, and I might well say it's not everyday that you get what you want and immediately succeed. Sometimes you need to fall down to learn and know how to get up. After not passing the NMAT and not being able to enroll in med school I took the chance to find a job just to spare my time in reviewing for NMAT again and finally pass the exams.

July 2014-December 2014
It was July of 2014 when I had my first job as Pharmacy Assistant under SM - Watsons Personal Care and Health Store. I was hired until December 2014.

That contains the gist of my 2014 story. On my next post, I'll share with you how I spent my Christmas and New Year with my family and friends. That's all for now. Thank you! God bless us all.


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