Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two years plus

It's been more than two years since I visited my precious blog and write something in it. More than two years of being away with blogging and seriously I miss it badly. I've been active in social sites like facebook and instagram that I forgot to update my blog. So what had happened to me after May 2013 (date when I last posted something in this blog..)

June - December 2013
I've been busy attending our review classes in preparation to our Nursing Licensure Examination for December 2013. We had our 3 months review in our school and almost a month in house at Villa Blanca Hotel. We had a lot of test drills, sleepless nights, pressured moments, anxiety filled our hotel rooms and every night prayer session as a group. Indeed, our hardships together with our parents had been tested because of the preparation. It was December when we finally had our two day board examination.

February 2014
After two months of agony in waiting for the result of our board exams I was able to see my name crystal clear on the internet, I was able to pass the NLE with our school as Top 1 Nationwide. Then, the rest was history. We had our thanksgiving mass in school, had our motorcade around the town and the historical oath taking was held in our school as a privileged for making it at the top.

March- June 2014
After passing the board and being a Registered Nurse..It was also a dream for me to become a Doctor, so I took the National Medical Assessment Test in Manila - UST even though I'm not physically, emotionally, physically, spiritually prepared I took the risk to take the exams..Unfortunately, there are some things that aren't meant to be in time, and I might well say it's not everyday that you get what you want and immediately succeed. Sometimes you need to fall down to learn and know how to get up. After not passing the NMAT and not being able to enroll in med school I took the chance to find a job just to spare my time in reviewing for NMAT again and finally pass the exams.

July 2014-December 2014
It was July of 2014 when I had my first job as Pharmacy Assistant under SM - Watsons Personal Care and Health Store. I was hired until December 2014.

That contains the gist of my 2014 story. On my next post, I'll share with you how I spent my Christmas and New Year with my family and friends. That's all for now. Thank you! God bless us all.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Real blogging

Dress - Juana, Heels - Korean, Necklace - Jademar

Hi there! I'm starting my serious blogging so this account had a total make over, some unnecessary post were removed and I hope I could finally update it once in a while. So let's start with a simple introduction of myself and a little information about me.

I am Jam Angelica Pacis Garcia, 20 years old. I graduated last April 2013 of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and now currently stocked in the house and waiting for my review (pray for me guys..) hehe! So, i love writing.. Yes, I was a feature writer when I was in my elementary days and I guess I was able to push it through until now. I also love to dress up, that's why this blog is planned to be full of kaartehan, writing what's popping in my mind and anything under the sun. I am a music lover and I sometimes sing.

Why blogging?
Seriously, DIARIES are way too old school and whenever I get to write down my thoughts I tend to forget them. I think randomly so I guess this blog helps me a lot. And with this generation, blogging is really in it. It's a trend for passionate girls like me who loves to share their stories, hopes, dreams, and ambitions. I guess reading and collecting magazines/books helps you a lot in improving your writing skills.

What do we expect from your blog?
Expect a lot of fashion and life's values. As I said, I think randomly so I'll blog random things. But I promise to write pertinent things that'll definitely help you in your daily life.

I know it will take me a lot of work before I could fix the layouts and arrangements of my blog but I will give you good write-ups so that your time in reading my website won't be wasted. Thanks! And God bless.


Sunday, April 1, 2012


Top - Thrifted, Necklace - Bubbles, Jeggings - Online, Chanel Shoes - Thrifted
The moment I re-write in this post, I'm currently listening to a song by Krewella entitled Alive.
Yes! I feel so alive right now, and i'm alive in blogging again. Haha.

JAMbydesign ♥

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Color blocking with stripes and pearls

When boredom strikes, and friendship bonding really matters. I and Chit had a mini unplanned photo shoot after taking our examination. We just had our snacks after which we decided to make up and dress up and Voila! Here are the finished products. Forgive me for the very trying hard poses and my photographer for the not so okay shots , siyempre trip trip lang ito eh. I only have my pictures since Chit took all of her shots, hehe! Selfish much and excited much to upload.

This is the first look:

Top c/o Caryl, Shorts - Retail, Doll shoes - Natasha, Necklace - Divisoria Belt - Jag

By: Jam G. "Have a break "

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A very late - Year End Post

Time flies really fast. The year 2011 gave me a lot of opportunities to know God, myself, the people around me. I had learned to appreciate every moment, to care for people who showed love to me. I was blessed with material things this past year, and my studies went well also. I went through all the hardships I must say, and proven that answered prayers are the most powerful SOS..

When the clock stroke 12 midnight, I whispered a little prayer and thanked the Lord for all the blessings.. The challenges that I had surpassed, for my family, that we are still complete and healthy, for the beautiful and awesome friends that were always there to ease my pains and doubts.

I won't write everything that happened in my super dramatic life last 2011, but that doesn't mean that I forgot or regretted any decisions that I've made for the past year.. those will always remain in my heart and in my mind, I will take them as lessons and make things betters this time.. I know the Almighty God our father is always there for me, willing to hear my thoughts, fears and wearies. I am Happy with everything! Life is too short to think about the negative things. Fighting! Smile! And be thankful in everything. Amen! To God be the glory. Truly yours, Jam G. 

JAMbydesign ♥

Sunday, November 13, 2011

11.11.11 - Happy 45th birthday papa!

Another day had passed, but hey! The date is not ordinary as what we usually experience. It's 11-11-11, some says it's a lucky day while for some people who has nothing to do with their lives call it an evil date, whatever they may say it's a great day for my Daddy because it is his birthday! I greeted him early in the morning but instead of receiving a little "Thank you" message from him, He gave me advises and told me he loves me. You know, my father is not the clingy type of Dad, he is NOT showing that he's sweet, he's not touchy, he's not emotional or dramatic. So receiving such message from him is an extremely touching moment for me.
The birthday man
As usual, we four (4) ate outside. We do it every time one of the members celebrate their birthday. We went to Lorie's Restaurant at Hotel Lorita's and ordered some grub. It is a convenient place for special occasions to celebrate, the ambiance is peaceful and they got WiFi there. Let me share to you guys what we had ordered and let me introduce to you guys my super fabulous and lovable family!
My mama

And have a look of those foods we ate, yummy!

PS: Will post tomorrow about my Christian Life Program CFC - Single's for Christ graduation. Today is Sunday, November 13. This is a back log post, please bear with me. As you can see, I'm also busy.. Congratulations to me, I feel so blessed anyway! And congratulations to Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, defeated Marquez for the 3rd time. He is really a legend!