Thursday, October 13, 2011

19th Birthday

Wacky and witty me!

I turned nineteen last Tuesday, October 11. I had receive overwhelming greetings from families, friends and loved ones even strangers, haha! It was a fun day, we were all busy preparing for our Rizal play that is why I didn't feel much of the atmosphere of my birthday.

The night before the role play
Lights, camera, action!

After a very tiring work at school, my Papa fetch me and the family went outside for a dinner. We celebrated my birthday together. As simple as that. 19 years of existence and enjoying life's mysteries, although I am encountering a lot of problems, I know I can handle them all. Keeping my feet to the ground and my faith stronger. 
My dearest papa.

I am lucky enough to have a life like this, I eat three to four times a day. I spend money on things I want, I have a very supportive family, I own friends, I enter school, I can read, write, see, hear, smell, taste. I Thank God for everyday, for everything and for making me experience all this! Amen.


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