Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pink and Lavender

Here's the outfit
I love rings! Huge rings!

Credits to my mom for my outfit post! I'm really addicted to dressing up, whenever I'm in the mood or whenever I have nothing to do. So this post starts with this..

Button - down top - thrifted, Baby pink shorts - thrifted, Braided belt - thrifted, Ring - jademar, Sandals - Mario de Boro
 I always have the admiration to neutral palettes  browns and creams. But I guess baby pink pairs perfectly on electric shades too. I decided to mix and match this baby pink shorties to a lavender chiffon button down. It looks appealing and it reminded me of being an addict to colors pink and violet when I was a kid.

When you have a dream, you want to achieve it, no matter how hard it is.. And yes! I'm taking it one step at a time. I was concentrating on fashion and style, I read magazines about how to find the perfect wardrobes, mixing and matching clothes on your closet, and how to find clothes which complements the body. As of now, I'm still on the process of learning more about fashion.


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roviedear said...

i love the vintage feel of your outfit :)

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