Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cake land with bestfriend

 My last post was indeed cheesy, I know that's too personal to post but that's the best way (for me..) to express how I feel, because I'm too coward to say it personally. Don't trust me when expressing feelings personally, I might breakdown. Anyways, let's start the day right with this back log post from last week. I try to update my blog, every once in a while.

While waiting for our orders
Meet my lovely bestfriend, Anna Mae
Before I went home, I invited my best friend Anna Mae to eat outside. And we dined at Cake land coffee house (our favorite tambayan..) Aside from its good food, its like a Starbucks branch was opened at our city. Its a local version of Starbucks Coffee, they serve cappuccinos, shakes, pastas, burgers, biscuits and of course it wouldn't be called CAKE LAND if they don't sell bunch of cakes, right?

My favorite was the blueberry tart and cheese cake. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to order it that time and wasn't able to take some pictures. We had pastas at the table and a strawberry cake for my Sis and a Yema sliced cake for me. It was delish! Great place to spend your cash and to fulfill the cravings of your tummy. Especially for those cake addicts. Aside from its good service, delicious foods, and a budget friendly coffee house. The ambiance of the place is so refreshing and relaxing. The woods resembles its interiors and it has a second floor which you could leave your slippers/shoes and you can sit in the carpet while enjoying their grub.

Cake land is a very modernize urban place. It was put up in Tuguegarao City just this year. And for that very short time it already caught my heart and my tummy's needs. Hehe! I will keep on coming back. Btw, it is also a good choice for dating place, but never mind I have nobody to date. Thank you cake land! I am enjoying your service.


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