Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair dye

After a whole tiring make up duty, and an 8 hour standing at the bedside of my patient, reviving people, helping them and providing them proper interventions, I guess its time for me to pamper thy self. So at around 4:30pm I went to Reyes Salon to dye my hair, when I asked the stylist how much will it cost me she gave me a price that is beyond my budget. So I went to ate Mercy's Body Fix Salon and Tada! She gave me a good price with a good quality result.

I didn't have pictures of before and after the dying, but I will let you have a glance on my following posts. I was so happy with the result, and I looked different with it. This is just the perfect hair color for me.

Every vacation, I usually go to salons and try a new look. And since I believe that our hair is our crowning glory, I usually let it cut, dyed, rebonded etc., basta total make over. I am also planning to let it be curled soon.


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