Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feathers, florals and vintages

I didn't know why but this past few months I was consistent in wearing vintage styles. From top to belt to skirts. Today, after a three day nonstop review for our major final examinations and I still have one (1) make up duty to go and voila! bakasyon ko na. As I arrived home, I saw a package for me. It was from Justwhatyouneed, it consist of a floral maxi skirt, owl feather vintage necklace and a pair of feather earrings.  
Maxi skirt, feather earrings, owl necklace

I was so excited that I opened it immediately and tried it on. And my sister was so hesitant to be my photographer so I had a lot of convincing powers for her to photo shoot me. I love how the maxi skirt fits me, It made me look thin and made me tall. It was also my first time to wear a pair of feather earrings and I'm so addicted to it already I wanted to have more.
I was so happy with all the items I had received, and with all the countless blessing. I hope ending this 1st semester had made me a better person and taught me a lot especially on how to become strong and to put God first above all else. I know in every trials I encounter I will always earn a lesson and with those experiences I will be able to understand that God wouldn't give me such fate and challenges if I couldn't handle them. I hope this coming 2nd semester I will still pass nursing and until I graduate and take the board examinations.
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