Monday, July 25, 2011

For the future

The career I chose is not easy, reading in advance is your very weapon to be able to pass, to cope up with major subjects and in everyday that you go to school. After 2 years of hectic and toxic academic set up and I was able to pass our school's scary screening. I turned lenient especially last summer and up to now when it comes to reviewing and that is one of my problems I need to hand a solution right away.

Pink blazer - Trendykawaii
I am on my 3rd year and the reality is my subjects are getting tougher and tougher. After getting the results of our prelim examination that was last week I was shocked to see such grades (not too low, but yet not high). With that I wanted to change my reviewing habits, as much as I want to stay on the library everyday I can't because of our busy schedule but since my parents provide me books I wanted not to waste my time and that every time sana that I have a vacant I want to read, read and read. Even a topic in an hour is enough. Thus, I decided to minimize my time on internet, and dealing with my shop and of course (its hard to do but..) my shopping addict. 

I realized this course is more important than other things, It holds my future, I hold my own future and that is why starting to be better is badly needed. I hope this would result to better scores and better me. :) Starting today! :)

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