Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoe fanatic

Every time I get to go online, I always see myself looking back and forth on those items I am really wishing for. Shopping shopping shopping! How I wish I have bunch of cash to buy all. It eagers me to save and find money so that I could buy them. It is an addiction, whenever I see such products I wanted to grab them. Sometimes, even when I go to sleep I still think of it and imagining that I have all of it.

I love shoes! But for now I am saving my all to make a superduper mega shoe collection. Who knows? Maybe someday I'd buy them all (101%)..  At present, I am wearing different colors of Espadrilles. Since I was in high school I can even say that I am one of the fans on wearing flats, But my love to high heeled shoes, wedges, chunks, etc,. only developed when I entered college and realized that my height is not increasing anymore. Unfortunately! So let me give you a glance of what I am fanatic about.


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