Friday, July 29, 2011

Reality Check

We are all aware that there is no permanent in this world, things fade, times past, and people change.We have to settle in every stress we encounter, in every problem that pass us. Man itself is rational, when it rains we get our umbrellas to protect us, when it's hot we wear something that will cool us. Man, as he grows encounters a lot of endeavors. Meet people to help them grow and survive.

Even your favorite picture will soon fade or even your favorite dress will soon just occupy a space on your closet. The fashion your up to will soon go but the style, the YOU who matured will stay. In my 18 years of survival I had observe that everything changes, that life is not just about the blissful and delightful moments. We congregate our ups and downs, our strength and weaknesses. In order to carry on we need to be cultivated, to be ready in what life may bring us.


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