Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Movie: Sorrority row

It was a busy Saturday (July 30, 2011) when I was heading on our home. I spent 2 hours sitting on the van (Komyuter lang po kase). As I arrive at our home, I lied down holding my cat while scrolling the remote control choosing on what movies to watch. I turned it on STAR MOVIES and the premiere was Sorority Row, Yes i know this movie is an old movie already but I've been hopeful to watch it on star movies since I was hesitate to go to cinemas. The movie's concept is mashed up with sexiness and thrilling factors. It was around 1:30 when it was showed and I was about to depart at exactly 3 o'clock for school. The movie caught my attention and I was in love with it. The girls were hot and awesome. They were a member of a sorority named Theta Pi, they put parties on their camp, they are loved by girls and boys. One time they made a prank as a part of their sorority's hazing without knowing that the prank they did changed their lives.

One of their sisters was killed and they decided to keep it and let them know that their sister was only missing. One of the members was Cassidy who disagreed on keeping what happened on their sister but cannot do otherwise because of the promise she made on Theta Pi. 

I really love how they made the concept of the movie, I'd love to tell you all the details about it but I think I will just spoil you guys, so if you're interested just watch the movie. Promise!It's worth it. Just make sure you don't get a heart attack when watching this. Hehehe! Watch the movie and enjoy.

PS: I was even late for our group work because of watching this.


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